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When dealing with conflict, fight or flight are not the only options. We look at Jesus’ four-step solution to conflict resolution.

Much like a great song, scripture has several disparate ‘hit singles’. However, finding an album with a string of great songs, none of which you skip, is a rarity. Romans Chp. 8 is one such case.

How John The Baptiser’s way of life earned him a resume reference from Jesus himself, even in a time when John was questioning Jesus.

With a prophetic imagination we see that Abraham’s near sacrifice of his son Isaac was in fact the Resurrection of Isaac who was as good as dead already. (This video is based on interpretative skills of David Buttrick)

How reference to different texts within a text we are reading can reveal so much more about that reading.

If we are to believe that it is in the Jesus Tradition to encounter his work in untraditional places, then surely we are compelled to believe bearers of Jesus could be the people we least expect to be so.

Our tradition dictates where we find answers. What then does the Jesus Tradition say on finding answers on God and spirituality? Moreover, can the Jesus Tradition reconcile with us finding answers elsewhere?

Following Jesus is not safe How much does your safety matter to you? What are you prepared to risk your safety for? And would it upset you to learn that following Jesus is not safe? Again, it’s worth examining, how much of a premium do you put on being safe, especially if following Jesus is […]