Manna and Mercy


Take a fresh look at scripture – from Genesis to Revelation – through the interpretive lens of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Set aside some time and do it all in one weekend!

Arranged over three days, a community gathers in deep conversation as Alan Storey facilitates the journey from Genesis to Revelation, providing a biblical worldview and keys to interpret scripture so that all can access its life-giving message. 

 Alan has also created a 46-part Manna and Mercy video series, which are an excellent tool for small group discussion. Through each of these short videos, Alan urges us to read and interpret scripture through “the lens of Jesus” and in the context of a diverse community to help prevent the skewing of the message by one’s individual perspective. 

Please use the form below or contact Adrienne at to discuss hosting a workshop in your community.

manna & mercy

Anti-Bias / Diversity

Anti-bias training brings awareness to unconscious bias and challenges participants to learn to do difference differently.

This experiential training programme is designed to fit within larger structural changes undertaken by communities and organisations.

It connects participants to their own unconscious bias and highlights opportunities to address these. It also deepens an understanding of systemic bias and the need for collective action.

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Please use the form below or contact Adrienne at to discuss hosting a workshop in your community.