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How a dangerous mix of fear, ignorance, arrogance and prejudice fuel oppression, and how that oppression progresses over time.

  A few reasons why life should be celebrated, even amidst all the darkness, sadness and sorrow that surrounds us. A Brief for the Defence, a poem by Jack Gilbert that is read during this video: Sorrow everywhere. Slaughter everywhere. If babies are not starving someplace, they are starving somewhere else. With flies in their […]

In the bible, we are tasked to be holy. Yet, what is it to be holy? We explore this question, and the counter intuitive things it demands of us, from how we distribute the profits of our labour, and how we relate to other people.

Blessed are the Poor People who lack a specific sense compensate by developing their other senses to fill the void. As such the blind hear things differently from the rest of us, while the deaf see things in way we do not. Inasmuch as those of us think this lack of sense is tragic, the […]