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Who holds you accountable and accountable as you programme your homing device to a life in Christ?

When dealing with conflict, fight or flight are not the only options. We look at Jesus’ four-step solution to conflict resolution.

How and where does resistance rise in the face of oppression?

How a dangerous mix of fear, ignorance, arrogance and prejudice fuel oppression, and how that oppression progresses over time.

What the Norwegian government and former South African Constitutional Court Judge Albie Sacks can teach us all about vengeance.

Much like a great song, scripture has several disparate ‘hit singles’. However, finding an album with a string of great songs, none of which you skip, is a rarity. Romans Chp. 8 is one such case.

How John The Baptiser’s way of life earned him a resume reference from Jesus himself, even in a time when John was questioning Jesus.

With a prophetic imagination we see that Abraham’s near sacrifice of his son Isaac was in fact the Resurrection of Isaac who was as good as dead already. (This video is based on interpretative skills of David Buttrick)

Full title: To make God our first love is the most loving way of loving everything else. A slightly-less-than-literal interpretation of Abraham’s near sacrifice of his son Isaac.

A literal interpretation of Abraham’s near sacrifice of his son Isaac.

The question we should ask is not: “Do you believe?” but, rather, “what do you believe and does it bring LIFE?”

South Africa’s amazing constitution was written from the perspective of protecting the vulnerable but sadly the proposed Protection of Information Bill betrays our constitution in that it is written from the perspective of protecting the privileged. Learn more about it from the Right To Know website.

What St. Paul and Athenians can teach us about engaging with people with differing faiths from our own

Reflections on Jesus’s saying that there are many rooms in my Father’s house, and how a break in scripture can mistakenly break a narrative.

The greatest gift CMM gives to the hungry when it feeds them has little to do with their stomachs… It’s that we show up. Consistently.

Why, in Acts Chp 1, did Jesus tell his disciples to return to Jerusalem, the place which held the greatest fear and represented the greatest pain for them? The very same reasons he would tell us to return to our ‘own’ Jerusalem…

  A few reasons why life should be celebrated, even amidst all the darkness, sadness and sorrow that surrounds us. A Brief for the Defence, a poem by Jack Gilbert that is read during this video: Sorrow everywhere. Slaughter everywhere. If babies are not starving someplace, they are starving somewhere else. With flies in their […]

How reference to different texts within a text we are reading can reveal so much more about that reading.

As a sign of power, those who speak the loudest pull out guns to show their dominance. More than showing just their dominance, they look to make themselves feel more secure. The unfortunate reality is true security happens at a far more fundamental level than one that requires munitions and violence.

How words in scripture have a different meaning to what we understand them by today, as well as the process of uncovering the real ‘real world’.

Remembering the mark of Cain and calling off the hunt…