A collection of sermons from around the world …


USA 2016

Riverside United Methodist Church, New York – October 2016: God and Guns

Good Earth Village, Spring Valley, Minnesota – October 2016: Good Earth Village Part 1

Southeast Raleigh Table of Edenton Street United Methodist Church, North Carolina – 25 September 2016: The Great Reversal

Duke University Chapel, North Carolina – 18 September 2016: #BleedingLivesMatter


Kerk Sonder Mure: Pentecost 2015
Kerk Sonder Mure (Church Without Walls) invited Alan to share in their 2015 Pentecost services during the week leading up to Pentecost Sunday. Herewith links to click on to listen to what was shared:
May 20, 2015: We Fear the Poor
May 19, 2015: Filled with the Holy Spirit
May 18, 2015: Prayer
May 17, 2015 Evening Service: Stop
May 17, 2015 Morning Service: Identity


Alan Storey in the USA 2014
Alan was invited to bring the Word of God to various congregations and gatherings in the USA during September of 2014. Below are links (audio/video) to click on to hear/view what was shared.


21 September: Myers Park United Methodist Church, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA teaching Manna and Mercy and focusing on the book of Revelation during Adult Sunday School.
A Look at Revelation.

18 September: Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary – in discussion with Rev. Dr. Kenneth Carder.
Reflections on Context, Church, Christ.

16 September: Wesley Theological Seminary (Tuesday Chapel Service) in Washington DC.
Offering ourselves to God’s transforming work.

14 September – Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church, Washington DC.
Long walk to freedom.

Click on this link May the dust fall at your feet to view video of a sermon Alan preached at the Central Lutheran Church during a visit to Yakima, Washington State, USA in January 2014.


Holden Village Bible Studies July 2012

Alan Storey – Holden Village Genocide – Gentleness – Girl-Power – God [Exodus 3]

Alan Storey – Holden Village The Passion of the Psalms [Psalm 27: Two Tones of Truth; Psalm 22: Stuck in Verse 1]

Alan Storey – Holden Village It’s About the Economy Stupid:An Ecumenical Economy for the Sake of the Ecology [Leviticus 25]

Alan Storey – Holden Village Isaiah: Inspiring Motivation for John and Jesus [Isaiah 40 and the Servant Songs]

Alan Storey – Holden Village Jesus Conflict Resolution [Matthew 18: 15++]

Alan Storey – Holden Village Where the river flows, life abounds [Ezekiel 47:9]


Hillcrest Methodist Church

Alan Storey – Hillcrest Methodist Church 1: (13MB) It’s All About Life (part 1)

Alan Storey – Hillcrest Methodist Church 2: (13MB) It’s All About Life (part 2)

Alan Storey – Hillcrest Methodist Church 3: (14MB) Baptised in the Holy Spirit

Alan Storey – Hillcrest Methodist Church 3: (13MB) Baptised in the Holy Spirit