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Jesus Weeps!   Luke 19: 41-44   On hearing of the disastrous Charge of the Light Brigade in October 1854, a French General said: “An event has happened upon which it is difficult to comment and impossible to remain silent.”   That is how I feel today – in the light of the terrifying tragedy […]

I saw a yacht in the stormy seas the other day.  The wind sent spray everywhere as the yacht punched through the huge swells.  The sailors must have been drenched! It was fun and impressive to watch from my warm, dry car.  I started wondering about how amazing it was that the yacht did not […]

Where the internet has long been a powerful medium for written work, it’s only in recent years, with the rise of the YouTubes and podcast delivery platforms of the world, have audio and video risen to prominence. And we feel, dependent on the message being shared, certain things are best heard, or seen, or written. […]