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We grow up believing many false things to be true such that discovering the real truth is at once frightening and exhilirating. Manna & Mercy speaks to this very revelation on the interpretation of the bible, and how we may have been misinterpreting the message all along. Credits: thumbnail image by Victoria Henderson

In addition to videos we make in-house, we’re always on the lookout for other material worth wrestling with. Same-sex marriage has been a big issue in the church for some time now. It’s been divisive, to put it lightly. Below Ecclesia de Lange, who is deeply entrenched in the church, discusses the challenges she has […]

Human beings always have a choice. Sometimes the options aren’t great, but human beings always have a choice. What will you choose?

Saved from Fear Fear is the greatest prohibiter. Fear of the unknown, fear of the known, and fear of the repercussions of trying something we desperately desire are some obvious examples. Why are we such slaves to our fears, especially if we know the rewards of overcoming our fears? How can we be saved from […]

Following Jesus is not safe How much does your safety matter to you? What are you prepared to risk your safety for? And would it upset you to learn that following Jesus is not safe? Again, it’s worth examining, how much of a premium do you put on being safe, especially if following Jesus is […]

Blessed are the Poor People who lack a specific sense compensate by developing their other senses to fill the void. As such the blind hear things differently from the rest of us, while the deaf see things in way we do not. Inasmuch as those of us think this lack of sense is tragic, the […]

The Hebrew Liberation out of Egypt In the wake of revolution, what do today’s Egyptian people have in common with the Hebrews who were freed from that land some 3000 years ago? Would it surprise you to learn the answer to that question is ‘everything’?

Repent Repenting is unnerving because it implies we need to admit our failings and change. That’s the glass half empty attitude most people have to the concept. Incidentally, built into the concept of repenting is the assumption that we can change. That’s the glass half full attitude too few of us have with respect to […]

The Salvation Equation Many of us spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about salvation. As such, we’ve managed to boil salvation down to a neat little equation. For Christians, that is: grace + faith = salvation. So here we’re better off then we were before in that we know what is required to be […]

‘Not a Sermon… Just a Thought’ is a video series where we escape the trappings of traditional Sermons and discuss world issues in a more informal setting. More specifically, these videos are short, where Sermons are lengthy. The videos explore issues freely as and when they crop up, whereas Sermon topics are guided by whatever […]