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Why, in Acts Chp 1, did Jesus tell his disciples to return to Jerusalem, the place which held the greatest fear and represented the greatest pain for them? The very same reasons he would tell us to return to our ‘own’ Jerusalem…

  A few reasons why life should be celebrated, even amidst all the darkness, sadness and sorrow that surrounds us. A Brief for the Defence, a poem by Jack Gilbert that is read during this video: Sorrow everywhere. Slaughter everywhere. If babies are not starving someplace, they are starving somewhere else. With flies in their […]

How reference to different texts within a text we are reading can reveal so much more about that reading.

As a sign of power, those who speak the loudest pull out guns to show their dominance. More than showing just their dominance, they look to make themselves feel more secure. The unfortunate reality is true security happens at a far more fundamental level than one that requires munitions and violence.

How words in scripture have a different meaning to what we understand them by today, as well as the process of uncovering the real ‘real world’.

Remembering the mark of Cain and calling off the hunt…

If we are to believe that it is in the Jesus Tradition to encounter his work in untraditional places, then surely we are compelled to believe bearers of Jesus could be the people we least expect to be so.

Our tradition dictates where we find answers. What then does the Jesus Tradition say on finding answers on God and spirituality? Moreover, can the Jesus Tradition reconcile with us finding answers elsewhere?

Jesus, living out his teachings, and practising what he preached, would seek out his enemies so as to love them, and not only tolerate them when they just so happened to be in the same space as him. We, as individuals and nations, have much to learn from this, for when we seek out our […]

Of all the sins we commit, excluding people may be the greatest of all. It’s even more so if we reject people in the name of God.

Common wisdom is that faith brings healing. Yet, selflessly giving of ourselves to heal others can breed faith in itself. Not only does Jesus know this, he shows it, too.

On the eve of Palm Sunday, the correlations between Julius Malema and Pontius Pilate are startling.

When good things happen to us, is it because we deserve it? When bad things happen to us, is it because we deserve it? Do you get what you deserve?

Hi, My name is Alan, and I’m addicted to killing… What are you addicted to?

“We struggle to change because we cannot change without actually changing.” How then do we cope with changing, especially when we know we need to? Herein are a few strategies.

    Holy land is not a place where we go, holy land is the place we’re currently standing in.    

(The second part of a two-part series. It’s important to watch part 1 before this part.) Herein we conclude the dangers of attributing any event that happens in our world as God’s will.

Where does God fit into experiences where ‘fortune’ saves some, and misfortune ‘harms’ others?

When we see numbers, we automatically think of their numerical value only. In times gone by, numbers had deep symbolic value, too. The ‘symbol’ 40 is of great importance in the bible. It’s the amount of days that make up lent, and it also happens to be the period in weeks that a mother goes […]

In the bible, we are tasked to be holy. Yet, what is it to be holy? We explore this question, and the counter intuitive things it demands of us, from how we distribute the profits of our labour, and how we relate to other people.

How do you measure success? By amassing a ton of money as quickly as possible so you never have to work again? You fool.

The fourth, and final, entry in our series on Choosing Life. This time we discuss how your choices affect other people – even people you do not know.

This is the third part in our series on choosing life. This time the question we’re faced with doesn’t have as intuitive an answer as you would expect it to. The question is: What is life?

Part 2 in our 4 part series on Choosing Life. This time around we examine text through the guises of God. We ask ourselves: what do we learn about God from what we’re reading. This is a continuation on last week’s post where we ask ourselves what we learn about God from textual analysis. It’s […]