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Why A Slow Walk?

Fear lurks ominously behind the mad rush that has become our everyday existence. Sadly, like many before us, fear will leave us robbed, naked, beaten and bleeding in the middle of some dark, dusty and decimated road. We too, will hear the footsteps of our fellow travellers as they rush past our limp bodies on the other side of the road, like lemmings on their way to some distant cliff and a fate similar to our own. Our cries of help and caution will also be crushed and silenced beneath a blur of hurried feet. Our unheard voices will join with others in an ever spreading pool of pain.

It is only love that has the time to stop. An unexpected stranger to many of us at first, love binds our bleeding wounds and takes us to a place where we can find rest and healing. Fortunately, love is not on the way to something better. Love is already at peace with itself and the rest of all creation and constantly calls out to all of us; “Where are you going; what are you rushing to find? I AM already here!”

Perfect love drives out all fear. Jesus invites us to take “a slow walk” through life. Take the time to see, appreciate and know the people and the world around you. His voice is constantly calling us to slow down and notice the diversity of precious people and the intricate tapestry that make up this wonderful home we call earth. Don’t rush through life and miss its meaning. Stop, notice and help others on the road. Make the time for a deep and meaningful journey.