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About Us


We follow the God of love.  We are open to encounter love anywhere, but Jesus of Nazareth is the lens through which we choose to view and interpret love.  Here is a God who loves unconditionally, even in the face of rejection and death.  This is a selfless sacrificing life giving love and the bench mark that we use.  In our ongoing quest to understand, share and live love, we constantly ask ourselves, would Jesus say “Amen” to our interpretation?  


It is God’s vision that love will one day become the central currency of the world. We use audio and video as our primary tools for spreading this vision. Written word has its place, but the power of multimedia, of overhearing a conversation or being addressed directly via video fascinates us. And while there will be a few text entries, A Slow Walk will predominantly be a visual and audio experience


Since the first “Foundations for Discipleship” and “Manna & Mercy” courses held in 1998 at Calvary Methodist Church in Midrand South Africa, a number of people have discussed the creation of a “Manna & Mercy” video and other resources that can be used to spread the good news of a God who loves loving more than anything.  This website is the continuation of this journey.

Why A Slow Walk?

The Bible is a love story, God’s slow walk with human kind.
For an interpretation of why we should take a slow walk (you may recognize the parable that Jesus told) click here

We hope you join us on this journey, contributing your voice to what you hear and see, and supporting us in any way you can.

Walk more, and do it slowly.