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Sunday Bulletin 12th June 2011


This past week, veteran journalist, Max du Preez  wrote: “Just saw an old man chasing pigeons away in Long Street Cape Town so he could grab the bread crusts thrown out for them.  Shame on all of us.”

This past week I saw a body covered tight with a stretched blanket, a mummy-like-mound lying in the middle of the pavement forcing me to step over or go round – like the priest who preceded the Good Samaritan.   Lord have mercy!  I realized that if all the homeless slept out in the open and not in the shadowed alleys and indented doorways our consciences may be more aroused or maybe it would just fuel our anger more?  We should check with ourselves: Are we more angry at homeless people than we are at there being homeless people?   The answer tells us a lot about ourselves.

Besides all the physical vulnerability that comes with homeless living—homeless people live life in the open for all to see all … sleep, eat, wash, fight, make love, grieve, hope….the good the beautiful and the ugly.

Today is Pentecost and after the Spirit swept through the early followers of Jesus we read these incredible words, “they had all things in common ….and there was not a needy person among them”.  Could this be the most authentic sign of a truly Pentecostal community?  Come Holy Spirit…Alan


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